We are so delighted that FIDM, will once again be able to host our 2018 Fashion With A Passion event at the stunning FIDM San Diego campus.This incredible space is a treat for the senses and it's easy to see, that this is a unique place, where creativity and careers can successfully merge.

FIDM is a specialized, private college dedicated to educating students for Fashion, Graphics, Interior Design, and the Entertainment Industries. Their approach is hands-on and industry focused. They're small enough to know their students names but large enough to have the industry contacts and resources to help students meet their goals. They prepare the students for a career, not just a job, something that is so very important in today's world.

FIDM Graduates are very diverse. They own thriving fashion, graphics, and interior design companies. Some are in charge of merchandising and buying for major department stores and others work as beauty industry executives, manage shopping centers, work in digital media or design sportswear, textiles, and haute couture. Others create costumes for Oscar(R)-nominated films or give Barbie(TM) her latest look.

The clothes we all wear, the websites we surf, the sheets we sleep on, the perfume we apply, and the movie trailers we watch, often exist because FIDM Graduates made them happen.

FIDM's faculty is diverse and outstanding. Their instructors include fine artists, production managers, costume designers, manufacturing and marketing consultants, entrepreneurs who own successful design firms, and industry executives.

FIDM began in 1969 in downtown Los Angeles with two small classrooms. They were urban pioneers at that time starting a one-of-a-kind college, and have grown 
to encompass four campuses with a student body of 7,500. FIDM has 40,000 graduates worldwide and has stayed focused on their goal to create an educational environment that fuses student desires with career realities. For detailed information about this fabulous college, please visit their website at: http://fidm.edu/campus-life/san-diego.html

We are Excited to Welcome Back NICK VERREOS

Nick Verreos was born in St. Louis, Missouri but spent his early childhood in Caracas, Venezuela. He and his family moved back to the United States when he was 10 and he finished his schooling in San Francisco before enrolling in UCLA, to study Political Science and International Relations. After graduation, his interest turned to fashion design and Nick pursued additional work at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where he completed the Advanced Fashion Design Program at FIDM in 1993.

After graduating from FIDM, Nick worked for a variety of companies in Los Angeles before launching his own high-end label, NIKOLAKI, with partner David Paul in 2001. He received worldwide attention after appearing on the hit TV show Project Runway and later became the winning mentor on Under the Gunn. Since then, he has gone on to dress celebrities including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood. He has also enjoyed impressive success with his NV Nick Verreos sportswear line on major TV shopping networks in the US and Europe. As a renowned red carpet fashion expert and correspondent he has reported for E! Entertainment, TV Guide, Style Network, NBC and CNN International for such events like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmy's and Grammy's. Nick also continues to be a guest lecturer and official spokesperson for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising College.  

In 2016, Nick collaborated with longtime colleague and partner, designer David Paul, to produce the authoritative guide for young fashionistas on how to truly thrive in the fast-paced world of fashion. The book is called 
"A Passion for Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread at 
a Time." This past fall, Nick and David teamed up to create a very entertaining and unique coloring book, "The Pageant Coloring Book." 
This fresh and fun coloring book is for pageant lovers everywhere and 
for anyone interested in beautiful fashion design.

We are thrilled to welcome back Nick Verreos as our fashion designer 
for 2018.​


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