Christina’s Wish: to go an a Hawaiian Cruise
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We would like to invite you to join us in the exciting endeavor we initiated in 2013. Our Fashion Fairies Wish Granting Group, is a special networking group benefitting Make-A-Wish® San Diego.

Our Fashion Fairies group was founded by the passionate members of the Fashion With A Passion event committee, in order to grant wishes to San Diego and Imperial County children who are battling life-threatening medical conditions. We are delighted to invite friends and family to join us in this special opportunity.

Allow us to introduce our new Wish Kid, Paulina! 

Wish: “I wish to go to Paris”
Age: 14
Medical condition: Hodgkin Lymphoma

Paulina is a loving, sensitive, and responsible young woman who cares deeply about her friends and loved ones. She is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people. She is passionate about painting, dancing, and especially fashion. Paulina loves expressing herself through photographs, capturing bold colors, bright murals, and cityscapes. She is very comfortable in front of or behind the camera and enjoys documenting her own personal adventures with friends and family.

Once referred to Make-A-Wish® San Diego, Paulina went through a number of wish ideas. Did she want to meet someone who inspires her? Have something that felt unattainable? Or did she want to have a party to celebrate her journey? Paulina thought long and hard about her one true wish. She knew her wanted to incorporate her love of photography and fashion, eventually realizing that, more than anything, she wanted to travel and photograph a new place – a place overflowing with culture, color, fashion, and art. After much though, Paulina decided to travel to Paris! 

Paulina is overjoyed that her one true wish will be coming true in 2019. In the meantime, she is very busy researching Parisian street fashion, the unique architecture, and the beautiful gardens and parks in Paris. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to fulfill a dream that once felt unattainable and cannot wait to share her wish with you!


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