Christina’s Wish: to go an a Hawaiian Cruise
We would like to invite you to join us in the exciting endeavor we initiated in 2013. 
Our Fashion Fairies Wish Granting Group, is a special networking group benefitting Make-A-Wish® San Diego.

Our Fashion Fairies group was founded by the passionate members of the Fashion with a Passion event committee, in order to grant wishes to San Diego and Imperial County children who are battling critical illnesses. We are delighted to invite friends and family to join us in this special opportunity.

Allow us to introduce our new Wish Kid, Ivanka! 

Wish: “I wish to go to Paris Fashion Week”
Age: 12
Medical condition: Nervous System Disorder

Ivanka, 12, is whimsical, compassionate, witty and is very close with her family. She loves to go shopping with her friends and read her favorite book, The Little Prince. She enjoys studying Humanities and has a passion for couture fashion and photography. Whether it’s behind the camera or in front, Ivanka looks to capture photos that express the artistry and creativity that is conveyed in high fashion.

Once referred to Make-A-Wish® San Diego, Ivanka knew exactly what she wanted her wish to be: to go to Fashion Week to attend fashion shows and meet influential people in the fashion industry. This wish embodies her dual loves of fashion and photography. Of course, there is no better place to enjoy fashion week, than in the fashion capital of the world – Paris!

Visualizing her ideal wish gives Ivanka something to hope for and brings her joy in having the ability to choose an experience when she doesn’t always have a lot of control over what’s happening in her life.  Ivanka dreams of reveling in the culture 
and art of Paris while walking down the Champs-Élysées during Paris Fashion 
Week and can’t wait to share these dreams with you!

Ivanka will be taking her heart of heart wish trip early this spring. We look forward to hearing all about her Paris Fashion Week experiences at a festive reception given in her honor.

​Details about our Fashion with a Passion special reception for Ivanka will be published shortly.


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